Nintendo Nostalgia brewed to celebrate 40 years of gaming.

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Illumination / Nintendo – Super Mario Bros.

Get ready to geek out, Super Mario fans! No matter which era of the iconic game franchise you hold closest to your heart, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has got you covered with references and Easter eggs galore. You’ll feel like you’re in on the secret as you spot nods to even the most obscure corners of Nintendo’s vast universe. And trust us, there are so many surprises in store that we wouldn’t dare spoil them all here, because there are quite a lot!

After nearly 40 long years of playing as our beloved characters, the wait is over as we finally get to see them in the big screen. Thanks to the incredible collaboration between Illumination and Nintendo, we finally have a Super Mario Bros. movie that does justice to the beloved characters who have captured our hearts for generations. Nintendo with Shigeru Miyamoto, has always been fiercely protective of their property. So, when it came to creating the next Mario movie, they made sure it was faithful to the source material. And boy, did Illumination deliver!

Get ready to dive into the Mushroom Kingdom with the most iconic duo in video game history! The setup for The Super Mario Bros. Movie couldn’t be simpler: two Brooklyn plumbers, Mario (Chris Pratt) and Luigi (Charlie Day), find themselves pulled through a warp pipe to a world different from the borough of New York City. Typical of any fantasy realms – you’ve got a kingdom in danger and a villain ready to take over the whole continent all for love. Yup… L-O-V-E!


Illumination / Nintendo – Super Mario Bros.

The writers manage to give us an experience typical of an isekai anime (who doesn’t love a good isekai plot, right?). We see Chris Pratt’s Mario grow in the role that we all know he’d become, a hero that the Mushroom Kingdom needs.

However, Jack Black’s vocal performance as Bowser is an absolute knockout! With his trademark bombastic style, Black perfectly captures the Koopa King’s larger-than-life personality. From his menacing growls to his passive aggressive quips, every line Black delivers is a standout moment. Jack Black truly does justice to Bowser’s villainy and Peach-obsession.

Speaking of doing justice to a role, can we just admire how the writers managed to make Princess Peach all the better? I’m sure we would have wanted to see a damsel in distress (sorry Luigi) but you have to admire how Anya Taylor-Joy Princess Peach’s character depth makes sense for this movie. She’s been around longer so of course she knows her way around better.

Illumination / Nintendo – Super Mario Bros.

If you’re looking for a tightly woven plot with a clear through line, The Super Mario Bros. Movie might not be your cup of tea. Rather than a traditional narrative, the film feels more like a series of levels that Mario must complete. He starts off training with Princess Peach in one realm, only to be thrown into another kingdom and go through a nostalgic battle with Kong in a bid to get the kingdoms to join forces. And while this approach does capture the diverse array of worlds seen throughout Nintendo’s storied history, those hoping for a deep and engaging story may be left wanting. But let’s be real – when it comes to Mario, it’s all about the adventure, the action, and the sheer joy of exploring new worlds. And in those regards, The Super Mario Bros. Movie more than delivers!

The film manages to capture the essence of the beloved game series while seamlessly translating it to the big screen. You’ll be blown away by how the characters look as they bounce, slide, and punch their way through the scenes, almost as if a skilled gamer is in control. And trust us, there’s plenty of heart-pumping action to keep you on the edge of your seat. One sequence, in particular, that takes place on the Rainbow Road, will have you moving to the edge or side of your seat as you eagerly wait for them to reach the finish line.

The film is packed with nods to the cinematic style of every title in the Mario library. From classic side-scrolling platformers to dark, flashlight-lit investigations, every iconic moment is given the big-screen treatment it deserves.

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